Prompt Me

Prompt MePrompt Me is a bespoke web application that I designed and developed (with the help of codeigniter), it’s main purpose is to display random writing prompts that are pulled from a database back-end. These ‘writing prompts’ are supposed to be used to get the creative juices flowing and get the writer – writing.

The technical stuff

I wrote The application with the use of the codeigniter PHP library that made development of it much easier. The front was very easy to implement and went as smoothly as it possibly could. The back end, on the other hand, went a little less smoothly; I’ll spare you the details but will say this I now fully appreciate how much hard work goes into creating any bespoke application.

I designed the application and wrote the CSS & XHTML with a little help from the 960gs CSS Framework.

Take a look at prompt me!

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