Penseive Plugin

Mar 3rd | filed in cat Quick post to tell you to take a look at my penseive wordpress plugin

Seasons greetings

Mar 3rd | filed in cat Itís been a little quite around here lately, and thatís due to various reasons that I will not go into now, apart to say that Iíve been working on another personal site of mine that is nearly complete, say for a few tweaks here and there. This is a very quick update just to say that Iím not dead, Iím not planning on kicking the bucket any time soon, and Iím working very hard on making this my Ďpersonal siteí as opposed to all the bits of web development and design stuff I have been posting lately. Look for a new update sometime in the new year. oh, and Happy Holidays! It had to be said. Ta ta for now.


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To many web application developers user management is the bane of their existence; to quickly and easily implement an user managment system, they would usually have to build their own. But wait! Here comes UserCake, a simple, flexible and customizable ready to go user management system.

Check out the blurb:

There are many user systems on the internet and a lot of tutorials too. Sadly many are convoluted, poorly written and insecure.

The goal of UserCake is to provide people with a foundation to build user applications without all the hassle. UserCake is cleanly written, well commented, formatted and documented, did I forget to mention its object oriented for easy customisation? Simple codebase means developing with UserCake is simple and most importantly fast.

UserCake is fully opensource, you may download and re-distribute the code in any form, a link back to the project would be nice, but not required. Enjoy!

Now does that sound cool or what? I Havenít had a chance to check it out yet, but I most defiantly will.

Prompt Me

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A while ago I wrote that I was working on certain projects that where of the development variety. I am now pleased to say that one of them is finally complete and the other one is, well, not so complete. Letís skip over that small detail and focus on the subject at hand. The completed project is called ĎPrompt Meí; and it has a very simple goal; that is to select and display a random writing prompt (that I have wrote) from the database and display on screen. Which by all accounts it does (though there are only about 20 prompts at the moment).

The technical stuff

I wrote The application with the use of the codeigniter PHP library that made development of it much easier. The front was very easy to implement and went as smoothly as it possibly could. The back end, on the other hand, went a little less smoothly; Iíll spare you the details but will say this I now fully appreciate how much hard work goes into creating any bespoke application.

I would like to apologise for the absolutely, positively disgusting design. I will Ė one day Ė redesign it but for now, at least it looks better than most of the other applications of the same nature. Now, why not check out Prompt Me