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GTD (Getting Thing Done) is all the rage these days, and Geeks love them ‘puters, but what options are there for GTD loving Geeks? Let’s take a look at what options are available to get thing done….for the price of free. is a very useful free peice of software that runs using adobe air; meaning it’s cross platform. It’s features include

  • An inbox to add tasks quickly
  • Ability to group tasks in projects
  • Add contacts to mark individual tasks to them
  • Ability to sync to the server
  • Much, much more

Remember The Milk

Remember the milk is a web based to-do list application that has features that include:

  • The ability to get reminders anywhere e.g. through SMS, IM, skype and E-mail
  • The ability to tag tasks
  • View tasks on a map
  • And mooo-re (get it)

teuxdeux is another web based to-do list application that is extremely easy to use and is very well designed, but lacks many features of the other mentioned applications. It’s features include

  • The ability to add tasks to future days
  • uh, oh, that’s it really. Did I mention it’s easy to use


tadalist is yet another web based to-do list application that has the ability to group tasks and share them with friends. It’s very simple but very useful.


Todo.txt is a bash script that works from the a command line like interface, it has very useful features that include:

  • Add to-do’s
  • Group to-do’s
  • search to-do’s
  • Prioritise to-do’s


Yes, you guessed todoist is another web based application that is ‘fast and easy to use’. It features:

  • A built in calendar
  • The ability to create sub-projects and sub items
  • Reminders
  • Labels

Free GTD articles

Okay, so it’s not software but it’s still useful. Free articles by the GTD master himself David allen:


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