Firefox 3: Hate The ‘Awesome bar’

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So, yesterday was firefox 3 launch day; I was pretty exited to see how much faster the browser was than the memory leaking firefox 2. I was pleasantly surprised by it; pages like the comics page on penny-arcade no longer take 15 seconds to load the comic. The comics now load instantaneously. That’s the good thing.

The thing I hate about firefox 3 is the (in my opinion) inappropriately named named ‘Awesome bar’. The problem I have with it is that every time I start to enter a URL it brings up a list of URLs that have been found in the history or your favourites and have been matched with the text that was entered into the address bar. I just don’t like it. I much prefer the firefox 2 address bar. The fact that the ‘Awesome bar’ exist isn’t my problem; my problem is that there isn’t any way of making it act like it does in firefox 2. Sure, you can turn it off but that’s just as unhelpful as having turned on.

I can see that people are either going to love it. Or hate it. I personally hate it.

What do you think?

Update: I Have found a way to stop the bookmarks from appearing in the address bar drop down.

Use this guide to find the you firefox profile

  • Now find the userChrome.css file. It should be in the file called chrome. If isn’t in there then just rename the userChrome-example file to ‘userChrome’.
  • Now add the following code to the userChrome.css file.
     richlistitem[type=”bookmark”] {
    display: none !important;
  • Restart Firefox

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